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All Regions

The province of Quebec is the largest territory in Canada and has the second largest population. With its unique french inheritance, it is one of the few lands in North America that has preserved its francophone culture.

In the province of Quebec, several places and attractions can offer you, in all seasons, unforgettable vacations : historic sites, natural curiosities, museums, gardens, casinos, theme parks, religious buildings, touristic tracks, festivals, sport events, gastronomical pleasures, etc.

Its four seasons give the province of Quebec a particular character. During summer (end of June-end of September), heat is very present and Quebec’s generous nature is full of large spaces where you can practice different activities : hunting and fishing, fauna and flora observation, rambling, biking, canoeing, etc. During automn (end of September-end of December), the leaves in the trees offer a magnicifent spectacle. During winter (end of Dember-end of March), the snow gives those who like to practice outdoor activies the chance to go alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sliding, snowmobiling, etc. Last but not least, spring (end of March-end of June) shows an explosion of smells as nature explodes and sugar houses welcome thousands of maple syrup lovers!

All of province of Quebec’s areas offer special attractions and are appreciated destinations. And Quebec’s people will welcome you with great warmth, that’s for sure!


You like large spaces and adventure? Here, your desire will be fulfilled. Toundra and taiga as far as the eye can see… This imposing area, located in the arctic part of Quebec stands out with its magnificent rivers, its superb mountains and its magnificent lakes. Accessible only by plane, Nunavik abounds in treasures : for example, the area has Quebec’s higher summit, mount Iberville (1645 meters high), the fabulous show made by the northern lights, etc. The Inuits living in this snowy country will welcome you warmly and let you shore their cultur and history.

James Bay and Eeyou Istchee

Covering almost 60 % of the Quebec territory, this nearly virgin area is full of mystery. South, the shadow of black spruces stands and covers the ground like intense hair of the Earth. Far North, its vast surface areas, where a magnificent sky meets the magnificence of a pure horizon, beauty reveales itself with no word. The aquatic fauna is without question an important aspect of James Bay: yellow pike, trouts, sturgeon, burbot are among the species that live in these imposing spaces. North, tundra (moss lichen, grass and miniature trees) has an absolute beauty. You can admire this fabulous nature thanks to these activities: during winter, snowmobile, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, dog sleigh, white fishing and, during summer, aerotourism, bicycle, horse-riding, astronomy are among the activities people like the most.


Manicouagan; like a paradise of vast lands... let the nature and the warm Manicouagan inhabitants guide you through a thousand and one activities! The visitors will not want to miss whale watching and the impressive monoliths of the Mingan islands. There are many outdoors activities like diving, hang gliding, fishing excursions out at sea, cruises, skidoo riding, cross-country skiing where you will be able to admire wonderful panoramas. The region is also ideal for hunting and fishing. With the passing years, the natural resources have been exploited by various industries. Allow yourself some time to visit one of them...



The Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area is awaiting you with a number of cultural discoveries, various adventures and a range of attractive events. Whether you go for a cruise, hang out on a lively terrace or café, visit an industry, go the zoo or to festivities, you will enjoy the full cultural calendar of this area. There are also many exciting outdoor activities: dog sleigh rides, hiking trails, lake trout fishing, bicycling, skidooing, canoeing, skiing, rafting, as well as miles and miles of beach. A unique stay where the natural charms & joie de vivre of the Saguenay Lac St-Jean inhabitants will seduce you. Fun and passion are in favour.


Manicouagan; like a paradise of vast lands... let the nature and the warm Manicouagan inhabitants guide you through a thousand and one activities! The visitors will not want to miss whale watching and the impressive monoliths of the Mingan islands. There are many outdoors activities like diving, hang gliding, fishing excursions out at sea, cruises, skidoo riding, cross-country skiing where you will be able to admire wonderful panoramas. The region is also ideal for hunting and fishing. With the passing years, the natural resources have been exploited by various industries. Allow yourself some time to visit one of them...


Quiet, mysterious Abitibi-Témiscamingue? Unknown perhaps, but teeming with millions of attractions to discover. Because it is an immense region, this is the ideal place to have an enriching experience away from the beaten path. Its dense forests, the pure water of its hundred thousand lakes, its diversified geology, plus its fossil discoveries makes it an environment dreamed about by amateurs of adventure. On the other hand, numerous Indian reserves are open to share a unique lifestyle with you and to help you see Quebec in another light. Did you know that Abitibi-Témiscamingue is the region where we find the most covered bridges in Quebec! Surprising, isnít it?


This superb region is found in the heart of Quebec where numerous picturesque villages abound. Fanatics of historical sites will be fulfilled, as will be amateurs of industrial tourism (tours of hydroelectric plants), of festivals and of museums. In the autumn and springtime, impressive displays of white migrating geese fly over this region. The bodies of water flowing through the region are good for fishing, in the winter, as well as in the summer. In the park of the Mauricie, a magnificent wildlife reserve, you will be next to beavers, moose, black bears and foxes, the masters of the region. The breathtaking beauty of the wildlife and the laurentides flora inspires poetry.

Greater Quebec Area

Quebec City and its surroundings have something to please every taste. It is a destination par excellence for the romantic souls with its gastronomy, museums, horse carriage tours, antiques, architecture, cultural life and international events. You can also discover the beautiful region surrounding the capital. Many outdoor activities will captivate you: golf, horseback riding, biking, rollerblading, sliding and so on...a running fire of activities is awaiting you. This inviting city, with its entangled past and present, will charm you whether it is winter or summer.


The magnificent area of Charlevoix was declared, in 1989 by the UNESCO, "World Biosphere Reservation"... Its nature, blazing and majestic, invites to relaxation and dreaming. Located approximately 50 kilometres east of Quebec City, this special area abounds in cultural and touristic attractions. Charlevoix people will welcome you with pride and warmness to the innumerable activities they offer: casino, museums, art centres, artists studios, festivals, geology, alpine skiing or cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, golf, etc. You will also find a lot of outdoor activities offered by Mother Nature. Charlevoix is synonymous with passion and love... Its tempting gastronomy is also at the rendez-vous in this exceptional region: come and discover renowned tables in good company!


Whether you visit the Outaouais region in the summer or during the winter, you will have a great choice of activities: horseback riding, fishing, swimming, rafting, hiking, biking, golf, cruises, guided excursions, hot air balloon tours, hydroplane, cycling paths, snowshoe, skating and cross-country skiing. Basically, it is where the sports and sightseeing lovers like to meet... 20 000 lakes and dozens of rivers are awaiting you. If you enjoy going out at night, the area is full of animated restaurants, cafés, concert halls and theaters presenting cultural events which reflects the lively nightlife of the area.

The Laurentians

With its hundreds of enchanting lakes, the Laurentians is the area par excellence for all kind of entertaining activities. A large part of this land being located only a few miles north of Montreal, the region gives to its visitors the opportunity to participate in the attractions of the city, and then go back to the countryside for some relaxing moments. You can pick your favorite sport like canoe, kayak, water-ski, alpine ski, seadoo, rafting and many more. A varied and rich cultural life is offered; notably art galleries, summer theaters, museums, and nature information centers. In all seasons, you can discover the mysteries of the Laurentians.


Lanaudière or the "green region"...this nickname reveals how important the nature is in this quiet and peaceful land which includes two wildlife reserves. You will never get tired of looking at the scenery of this area. The whole territory is harmoniously developed: you will find cities and agricultural villages, sightseeing areas (embellished by lakes and natural attractions), and the forest, where nature lovers can practice their favorite outdoor activities and go fishing (trout). The generous nature of Lanaudière abounds with waterfalls you will enjoy discovering. You can also play golf, hike, go for a skidoo ride, and practice water sports. For the sweet teeth, Lanaudière is the region where you can find the most important production of maple products in the metropolitan area.


South of Montreal, towards the American border, runs the river Richelieu. In this valley, centuries of history exist. When you travel down the path of the vineyards or the route of the ciders, you will sense the American or Dutch influence on the architecture typical of certain welcoming villages. When you climb back up the land, returning to the Saint-Lawrence, you will find a few of the best restaurants in Quebec, cruise boats, as well as several summer theatres. As for ornithology lovers, they will have access to a number of observation points. In this garden-valley, walkers and cyclists can revitalize themselves.


Located between Montreal and Quebec City, this region abounds in activities of all kinds. The magnificent St-Laurence River that crosses its lands offers magical landscapes in all seasons. Forests and mountains pay court to this charming and picturesque region. Famous personalities of Quebec's culture have lived in Center-of-Quebec, so visiting the great number of historical sites is very interesting. Ecological parks, touristic infrastructures, cycle tracks, snowmobiling tracks, fishing, golfing, skiing, summer theaters, museums and festivals are just a part of all activities you can do when splending time in this territory situated in the heart of our beautiful province.

Eastern Townships

The Eastern Townships are an especially mountainous region where the British, Scottish, Irish, Americans and French people chose to establish a few centuries ago. The unique flavour of the area is reflected in its architecture and historic sites. It is definitely a treasure to discover: antiques, art galleries, concerts and light comedies, festivals and popular happenings are on the menu. The region is also reputed for its gastronomy. If you are looking for a romantic point of view, the Eastern Townships offer idyllic scenery where it is nice to stop and have a delicious meal along with a glass of wine from one of the reputed vineyards (in good company!)...


Anyone who has crossed the bridge of Quebec heading west has seen the river Chaudière: at times calm and discrete, at other times roaring, but always an impressive beauty. It is here that is born a valley and a region: Chaudière-Appalaches. Facing the capital, this region offers a different scene, essentially rural: it is agricultural Quebec, with its past, present and potential for the future. With fertile lands of the Beauce, strongholds of entrepreneurs, at the banks of the Saint-Lawrence, this region offers you a richness that is characteristic of Quebec: maple products. Because the outdoors is a big attraction of this region, snowmobiling, downhill skiing and ice fishing are often enjoyed. It is during the winter that nature offers its wonders.


Whether you stay along the St-Lawrence or in the lands, this maritime region of Quebec will seduce the poet in you...Sea escapes, forest excursions, cycling paths, observatories, ornithology, farm visits, flower gardens and cultural events are some of the exciting things to do in this magnificent region. Linked to the north shore by ferries, the heart of the Bas St-Laurent beats to the rhythm of a bewitching nature. Exceptional panoramas will be drawn under your eyes, and a symphony of sea songs will enchant you...


Generous and enchanted, majestic and breathtaking, the land of Gaspésie has a unique charm. Listen to the singing accent of the people, observe the rhythm of everyday life, and witness a rich past and harmonious present...Geographically, this land invites you to exalting outdoors activities as well as relaxing ones. You can either go out at sea, sailing, hang gliding, hiking, skidoo riding, horseback riding, fishing (salmon), swimming, hunting, skiing or observing magnificent sunsets... The sky and beauty of this area are synonyms of liberty and serenity...

Magdalen Islands

Between the sky and the sea, in the heart of the St Laurence River, the archipel of Magdalen Islands’s islands appears. This real paradise for those who like fishing makes a living with commercial fishing (lobster, crab, queen scallops, cod, halibut, sebast, mussels, clams, etc.) With their breathtaking lagoon and dune landscapes, these islands are the perfect place to take a break, see wonderful things, long walks on the beach and enjoy nautical activities. Come and discover this unique place, cradled by the wind…