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You like large spaces and adventure? Here, your desire will be fulfilled. Toundra and taiga as far as the eye can see… This imposing area, located in the arctic part of Quebec stands out with its magnificent rivers, its superb mountains and its magnificent lakes. Accessible only by plane, Nunavik abounds in treasures : for example, the area has Quebec’s higher summit, mount Iberville (1645 meters high), the fabulous show made by the northern lights, etc. The Inuits living in this snowy country will welcome you warmly and let you shore their cultur and history.


Manicouagan; like a paradise of vast lands... let the nature and the warm Manicouagan inhabitants guide you through a thousand and one activities! The visitors will not want to miss whale watching and the impressive monoliths of the Mingan islands. There are many outdoors activities like diving, hang gliding, fishing excursions out at sea, cruises, skidoo riding, cross-country skiing where you will be able to admire wonderful panoramas. The region is also ideal for hunting and fishing. With the passing years, the natural resources have been exploited by various industries. Allow yourself some time to visit one of them...



Quiet, mysterious Abitibi-Témiscamingue? Unknown perhaps, but teeming with millions of attractions to discover. Because it is an immense region, this is the ideal place to have an enriching experience away from the beaten path. Its dense forests, the pure water of its hundred thousand lakes, its diversified geology, plus its fossil discoveries makes it an environment dreamed about by amateurs of adventure. On the other hand, numerous Indian reserves are open to share a unique lifestyle with you and to help you see Quebec in another light. Did you know that Abitibi-Témiscamingue is the region where we find the most covered bridges in Quebec! Surprising, isn'it ?


This superb region is found in the heart of Quebec where numerous picturesque villages abound. Fanatics of historical sites will be fulfilled, as will be amateurs of industrial tourism (tours of hydroelectric plants), of festivals and of museums. In the autumn and springtime, impressive displays of white migrating geese fly over this region. The bodies of water flowing through the region are good for fishing, in the winter, as well as in the summer. In the park of the Mauricie, a magnificent wildlife reserve, you will be next to beavers, moose, black bears and foxes, the masters of the region. The breathtaking beauty of the wildlife and the laurentides flora inspires poetry.


Located between Montreal and Quebec City, this region abounds in activities of all kinds. The magnificent St-Laurence River that crosses its lands offers magical landscapes in all seasons. Forests and mountains pay court to this charming and picturesque region. Famous personalities of Quebec's culture have lived in Center-of-Quebec, so visiting the great number of historical sites is very interesting. Ecological parks, touristic infrastructures, cycle tracks, snowmobiling tracks, fishing, golfing, skiing, summer theaters, museums and festivals are just a part of all activities you can do when splending time in this territory situated in the heart of our beautiful province.


Whether you stay along the St-Lawrence or in the lands, this maritime region of Quebec will seduce the poet in you...Sea escapes, forest excursions, cycling paths, observatories, ornithology, farm visits, flower gardens and cultural events are some of the exciting things to do in this magnificent region. Linked to the north shore by ferries, the heart of the Bas St-Laurent beats to the rhythm of a bewitching nature. Exceptional panoramas will be drawn under your eyes, and a symphony of sea songs will enchant you...